About 10 years ago, Japanese Takao Kato developed the first Real Escape Game (REG). Since then, escape room challenges are becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. Escape games are not only a lot of fun to participate in, they can help develop important life skills as well. This can be especially beneficial for company retreats or corporate events.

But exactly which skills can escape games help build?

Creative Thinking: Escape room challenges are exactly that: a challenge. So when a team goes into an escape game, they’re going to have to use their creative thinking and problem-solving skills to figure out the puzzle. Participants will be challenged to think outside of the box and use skills they may not necessarily use on a daily basis. But creative thinking is an essential skill, especially when it comes to solving complex company problems. Playing games, in general, can be a great way to break away from a normal, repetitive routine and encourage people to think of new ideas.

Collaboration: Teamwork and collaboration are absolutely necessary skills that need to be used when participating in an escape room experience. While it’s obvious that participants will need to work together to solve the puzzle and complete the escape game, an escape room party can put people in a unique situation that can stimulate new collaboration ideas and techniques. Oftentimes with companies, employees may not get the chance for a lot of collaboration or may only collaborate with their direct team members. In an escape room, they’ll be encouraged to change it up and effectively collaborate with new people.

Internal Drive: Working quickly and efficiently under pressure is a skill everyone should have. Because escape rooms are timed, it encourages people to be motivated and driven to work quickly to finish before the clock runs out. Having that motivation will help enhance participants’ internal drive and help them be more focused and determined, especially in situations where they’re under pressure.

Working with pressure pushing down on you in an escape room can not only be fun but can help enhance some really important life skills. So if you’re looking for a fun activity that will also help enhance creative thinking, collaboration, and internal drive, book an escape room party today.