When it comes to planning corporate events, many companies tend to stick to the basics, like company picnics and holiday parties. However, these corporate events don’t always stimulate the employees in the way corporate events should. This is what’s so great about escape room games — both fun and challenging, an escape room party is the perfect corporate event. In fact, about 19% of escape room participants consist of corporate clients.

When you’re trying to escape a room, teamwork is absolutely essential. So let’s take a look at a few tips to consider for your next escape room experience to master teamwork.

Make sure everyone is included: You can’t have teamwork if the entire team isn’t working, so make sure everyone in the group is partaking in the experience! If just one person is trying to take charge and give orders, the experience of trying to escape a room is quickly going to exclude members of the group. So instead, make sure everyone has a role to play. It’s important to make sure everyone’s opinions are heard and all options are explored with an open mind. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work.

Put cooperation before competition: When some people get in a competitive environment, they can begin shifting in a direction of competing against other team members rather than the game itself. In order to successfully escape a room, a level of competitiveness is required, but as a team. So instead of working against each other so the best player can win, it’s important to remember that the team needs to work towards winning as a whole.

Have a post-game discussion: While escape room challenges are certainly fun, they can also be a great experience. This is why it can prove to be beneficial to have a post-game discussion regarding the experience. Whether it’s Monday at work or right after the game in the lobby, it can be a good idea to talk about certain strategies, what worked, and what could be improved. Overall, talking about victories and failures as a team is a surefire way to ensure teamwork is a priority in the workplace.

When it comes time to escape a room, your teamwork will be put to the test. So to make the most of this team-building experience, make sure you remember these few tips.