Escape rooms have burst onto the scene as a new form of group entertainment — from birthday parties to company outings, escape rooms offer a little bit of excitement for everyone. With challenges and puzzles varying from scary to downright nerdy, here are four kinds of escape room themes to choose from based on the group you’re with, each guaranteeing to delight those involved.

  1. Historical: With escape room experiences focusing on the past, these rooms provide the perfect puzzles for history buffs. Whether the room’s theme centers on World War II or Shakespeare’s London, you’ll be able to spend entire afternoons discovering new historical facts and putting them to good use as you escape a bunker or uncover da Vinci’s secret work.
  2. Terrifying: Perfect for corporate retreats as a bonding experience, these escape games will unify your team through the power of fear. Whether you have to work together to find the antidote or risk being poisoned, or simply must get out before your tormentor returns, these rooms are sure to inspire team building. Find the right corporate escape room for your needs and scare your workforce into productivity today!
  3. Fan-favorites: Have a group of friends who lose their minds over Harry Potter? Escape a room thoroughly decorated with Gryffindor and Slytherin regalia while your friends work together to remember the slightest details from their favorite novels. Classic literature fans need not be left out either: there’s sure to be an escape room experience focused around Jane Austen and her contemporaries as well if you look hard enough.

  5. Exploratory/Mystery: Since children and their parents make up around 14% of escape room players, it’s necessary to discuss one of the most popular styles: the mystery. Encouraging kids to think outside the box as well as utilize their parents’ wisdom, these rooms can vary from solving the Riddle of the Sphinx in 1920’s Egypt to discovering what happened to the jungle expedition by searching for clues in their camp. Providing fun for the whole family and a bonding experience to boot, there’s no reason not to include this escape room on your next family outing.

With so many escape room experiences out there, you’re sure to find the right one to suit your group’s needs.

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