Escape Room in the Manhattan Area

Come to Thriller City to experience the exciting Manhattan area escape rooms that everyone in the city raves about. From the beginning of your visit to the end, you’ll frantically search for clues to escape the perils of our four different rooms. Each room offers visitors a unique setting and storyline as well as different clues. Your goal is to unlock the door before it’s too late.

The Escape Rooms

There are four different rooms to choose from.

The Penitentiary Escape Room: Do you have what it takes to rally the rest of your inmates and escape from this prison of doom? Hurry! You only have a short amount of time before the guards find out!

The Da Vinci Escape Room: You and your friends will have to find the legendary Holy Grail with the help of one of the brightest minds that ever existed: Leonardo da Vinci!

The Gauntlet Escape Room: Stop the poisonous gas before it’s too late. The world’s future depends on it!

The Lost Treasure Room: In this room, you’ll have to discover the lost treasure before the Zulu tribe does.

Team Building in our Escape Rooms

Choose from one of our four escape rooms in the Manhattan area to spend an exciting afternoon solving puzzles and escaping with your friends, family, or co-workers. During your escape room experience, you’ll need to work together with other visitors to quickly escape. Without teamwork, failure is imminent. This makes our escape rooms in the Manhattan area an ideal choice for companies, friends, and families.

When you want to have a fun experience solving puzzles, choose Thriller City. We have four different escape rooms that will be sure to keep you entertained the entire time you’re here. To reserve a spot, fill out our forms online or give us a call today.

An escape the room scenario can be a lot of things: a complex mental challenge to seek out with friends, an hour of entertainment with co workers, or a way to celebrate special occasions with something exciting and new. 

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